Sub 37 won't clock sync

I have a Rytm, Virus and Moog Sub 37. All are connected to Ableton with USB and i want them all to be slaves to Ableton.

The Rytm is working fine, when i press play on Ableton my sequence starts playing. However on the Moog i can’t even get it to sync.

Does anyone know the midi clock settings needed for the Sub 37 to be set to slave mode? I’ve tried everything in there and it’s not working but thought someone on here might be able to to help.


Go to Sub37’s MIDI menu and make sure that it receives clock on Live’s corresponding port. Send clock and Send ST/STP off, SPP on/off as u like. Press sync button on the Sub to turn sync on.

Thanks, do you know how i check which live port the sub37 is set to?

Go to preferences -> MIDI/Sync. The Sub37 should appear there with its USB-port. Click both in/out track on, click sync button on Outputs.