Sub bass help — Digitone

Check! Will give it a shot. And will let you all know about progress! Thanks again!

This!! :grin:

Hi all, been playing with the DT for while now, and I still think it is hard to create a decent fat sounding bass… I’ve been playing with the Arturia Mini V AU, which came with my Arturia Keylab controller and it produces fat bass sounds almost instantly… Am I comparing apples and oranges here…? I feel a bit … disappointed in the DT at the moment and am wondering if I need an additional hardware bass synth. Any thoughts? Or better yet: any examples that prove me wrong :-)?

Unfortunately all the tutorials I’ve watched don’t really cover the bass sound/style I’m looking for. Please, I hope I don’t sound ungrateful for all the advice you guys have given, but I just can’t seem to get it right :-|…

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Are you using Single Cycle Waves to produce your bass sounds?

Edit : I’m talking about DT : Digitakt

I think you mean DN : Digitone

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Shit, DN, Digitone!! So sorry!

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Thanks for your fast reply though ;-)!

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My mistake, I should have read the title.

Hey, I made the typ-o :-)…

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Perhaps there’s some misperception due to volume. Try unison 2 or 3 voices with none or little spread to stack them up. Eventually it wil make your subs roar.


Make the sound you want and don’t pay much attention to the low end. When you’re ready and got the texture you want, using only the FM to get there, then add a high pass filter with a lot of resonance. Play one note and turn the cutoff down slowly until you hear it rumbling hard at the same pitch as the note you’re playing. Then go into the SETUP menu (shift + trig) and set the filter follow to 100%.

You now have a bass tone of any kind that will make your cheap speakers cry. Filter follow 100% and high pass with resonance set accordingly is the trick. You can kick up the dub vibe by giving more resonance to the filter while simultaneously using the 2nd filter on page 2 and turning down the cutoff for the high end until it’s muffled just how you want.


Will try this. Thanks!

Thanks so much for this. Will get to work ;-)!! Love this community. Everyone is sooo helpful! Thanks guys!

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I’ve followed your steps, but I am probably doing something wrong. Do you start out by setting octave to -1 or -2 for instance? And “filter follow”, that is “Filter Keytrack” I assume? I’m not getting that sound… :-|…?

Ignore what octave you are in.
The advice is to craft any sound you want (ie, don’t think about bass) then use the high pass filter resonance to generate the sub tone. While maintaining some of the character and texture of the FM/complex oscillator tone.

If the filter tracks the keyboard, and you have dialed in the filter accordingly, you’ll get a filter resonance that matches the notes on the key board.

Its really basic subtractive synth stuff, easy to do, but wordy to explain.

This will give you a very heavy speaker cone bending low end, that a simple low frequency sine wave wont achieve.

Octave doesn’t matter once you kick up the resonance. The resonance should be high and the cutoff nearly at the lowest. And yes, key follow 100%. Basically once the sub of the filter is honed in, it is now basically a free subbass to anything you make with the FM. You’ll ‘tune’ the filter to be the actual sub. Obviously some FM tones work better than others, but generally it will work for just about anything. You don’t need to mess with the envelope or anything.

If one day this weekend I am unlazy, I’ll film terrible video showing how it works or at least give detailed instructions based on actually doing the thing instead of just using my memory to relay a ‘general tip’.

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I feel like a complete idiot… I’m trying again now, but all I get is a resonating high tone, which gets weaker if I set Filter Keytrack to 100. You guys tell me not to bother with octaves, but I can’t see how I can get a low bass sound without doing that… I must be doing something completely wrong. I’ve attached some DN screen picts of the settings I had.

Filter key track set to 100:

Some synth settings, hardly touched them:

Synth 2 settings:

Filter settings:

That’s all I changed. Started with a default sound.

@Microtribe, thanks for your help off course. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong…
@hseiken-HSI, This goes for you too ; thanks so much! And making a video…man, I can’t ask that of you, but it would be super…

Note: I’m leaving on a trip for a week, and it’s difficult to respond during this week. Just wanted you to know in case you post some tips/ask questions and I’m not responding.

Thanks again everyone!

Might be a stupid question but… have you considered pressing the „down-arrow-key“ to switch the keyboard to lower octaves while being in play- or live-rec mode?

Just looking at your pictures, it looks like the filter is sweeping a bit too much off of the low end and the ringing you are hearing seems like it is just from the amount of resonance applied. Try sweeping that filter in the lower frequencies (cause that’s where your sub frequency will be hiding). What you are trying to do with that filter is just a subtle boost in sub frequencies created in your patch. Maybe start with resonance where it is at right now, find that sub frequency. Once you find that sub frequency just adjust resonance to taste and then enjoy!

Yeah if you’re trying to get bass using the ol’ HP resonance bump trick you’ll need that filter cutoff much closer to the bottom.

See where the F in ‘frequency’ is on the display?
Put the peak of the resonance directly above that point, or to the left of it. Thats where your sub bass lives.