Subwoofer recommendations

Hey all!

I have a pair of Neumann KH80’s which I am utterly content with (read: super happy).

They reach down to 50 hz but below that there’s nothing, so I would like a sub woofer to complement. Thing is, if I go with Neumann’s own, it would set me back about 1200 Euros. There are cheaper ones like Swissonics for about 200 euros and everything in between.

Now to the question: what the hell is the difference in all the sub woofers!? There must be differences right? But it’s supposed to show me the levels of a very particular region in Hz. How off could the medium-lower tier ones be?

Other than the features like connections and phase inverts and what not, are the extra 1000 euros worth it for me to pick up a Neumann Sub or should I just go for something around 2-300?

My room is quite small but it has good acoustics for mixing with slanted walls and some treatment and furniture.

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