Suggestion for limiter/mastering plugins?

I can heartily recommend MeldaProductions MLimiterX and MTurboComp. They are great for mixing/mastering. And of course MAutoDynamicEQ. I don’t need anything else.

Any good recommendations for Free software for us broke Elektronauts? I use some of the Variety of Sound plugins, Density MK 3 compressor / limiter namely. Any other freebies would be greatly appreciated

I used this free Waves L1 clone ages ago.
It’s still kicking, apparently.
It’s got adaptive release too.


Linux is free

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Limiter 6?

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Vulf compressor looks good!

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It’s great on drums and percussion. Really pulls things together :ok_hand:
But for actual mastering it’s iZotope Ozone for me, with u-He Satin thrown in and Goodhertz Midside for extra width when necessary.


I’m reading about Limiter 6 right now. Looks like Toyko Dawn revamped this plugin, so I’m assuming its pretty decent. Anybody know how the free original version and the TDR one compare?

I can only speak for the free version, and it’s very good to my ears

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I used that L1 clone on my live set for years till I went mostly hardware. Then I use for mastering: Octatrack compresor -> Analog Heat -> MOTUs compressor limiters -> Behringer Ultracurve Pro compressor/limiter and graphic EQ where I always do a proper calibration curve by transfer function in SMAART for each venue I play (which makes in many places for me to sound better than the mastered tracks djs plays).

About software, Nowadays I don’t know if my mixes got better or what, but Ableton’s limiter was enough for my latest works, if not enough, FabFilters Pro Limiter as I said before.

Arturia 1973 Pre was lately on all my masters too, specially when I need to heat things up a bit.


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Lot of people use Ozone so if anyone’s interested: Izotope Ozone 9 elements is for free now at plugin boutique

I like Ozone elements assistant to make slight eq adjustments. It recommends me a setting and I tweak it from there. Afterwards, run everything through TDR Limiter 6 GE.

Tonal balance bundle from izotope sometimes goes on sale. Included is the full ozone which I can really recommend. Getting every track mastered professionally in the electronic music genre can be very expensive. Sometime you have a track done in days. Over a month that’s a lot

I also find mastering helps learn what your mix is missing. My best mixes hardly need much mastering. That’s when I know it’s right.

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where are you seeing it for free on Plugin Boutique? Not seeing that but would love to snag it.

Use code FreeOzone in checkout.

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The best mastering plugin for that special something (not limiting) is’s Sugar imo. It works its magic on individual channels too. It’s worth downloading for a free 30-day trial at least

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awesome, many thanks!

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I mostly use Newfangled Audio / Eventide’s Elevate mastering suite:

Really great and very easy to use. Has become my go-to mastering plug.

Do you think Fabfilters Multiband compressor is worth it, when you already have Ozone 9? (which has band compression available.) It runs on my cpu relativly taxing with 20% though - is pro MB worth it only for the possible reduced CPU consumption?