Suggestions for a case?

I am getting really tired of boxing my gear up to take over to a friend’s every time I wanna jam / rehearse.

What I’d like is some sort of case that can fit several pieces of gear, in foam, with room for connections. Like a turntable coffin, sorta. Any suggestions?

FWIW, I’m using a Digitakt, Circuit Mono Station, TR-8s, and some FX boxes. I’d like some handy case for it all that I can basically just haul around, plug in, and get going.

Have a look at the Gorilla case that @DaveMech is using:


Peli cases are very good.

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Peli cases are great (for all sorts of things) but you have to mod them to be able to easily remove the lid, I think?

That case looks decent but it doesn’t seem large enough for what I’d need. The TR8s and Mono Station are larger than a DT/DN. Ideally I’d like something like that, but something that can fit EVERYTHING I need, including a small mixer, power strip, and 2 effects. (Erica Synths Fusion Box + Ventris.) Is there something a tad bigger?

For that matter, I might need a suggestion for a mixer too lol… something small yet has the I/O I need. 2 FX sends, 3 stereo ins, 3-4 mono ins with decent enough sound quality. My old Soundcraft board is on its last legs…

Peli make cases in all shapes and sizes. HPRC is a cheaper alternative. Have a browse of that thread.

Good point.

Check the actual dimensions, Dave has 2x DT, DN and AH in that case next to the mixer. I was scoping it out for use with a TR-8S and some other bits and I’m sure it was going to fit.

It will definitely depend on how big your mixer is though. Gorilla might make a few different sizes.

There are lots of DJ mixer flight case type solutions out there, the advantage with the Gorilla is it’s a lot lighter than a typical hard case. And not expensive.

This is a good choice and comes in various sizes. Detachable lid as well in most cases, there seems to be a different edition where the lid comes with fixed hinges, so if you should consider this case ask the retailer in advance to avoid any unnecessary returns.

I had the DT, DN, Keystep and another small synth like Streichfett or Modal Skulpt 2.0 in there, all wired up and ready to go.

So for anyone considering the magma carry lite, especially the largest version (XXL Plus), it’s great, but comes with a few considerations:

The reduced weight means it’s really not very sturdy. The panels are flexible, cheap laminate - the inside foam is really what does all of the gear protection here. It would be a stretch to call this a hardcase or flight case. I try not to stack anything on top of it when it’s laying flat.

Secondly as some reviewers on other sites mentioned, there is a practical weight limit which affects the handle, and which I seem to be reaching because 3 elektrons, a minitaur, a midi hub, all the PSUs, cables, and a metal power strip weigh a lot together. The handle is cheap plastic and stresses the handle-edge of the case under higher weight (you can see the laminate bending), and the hinges themselves (cheap metal pins) seem like they are ready to pop any day now.

Still, I’m overall really happy with the case, as the reduced durability is worth it for the size/portability. I’ve brought my live setup to a few festivals and forest raves already and its so nice to have everything preconnected and ready to go. However, If I were more of an engineer, I’d probably be researching a way to reinforce the handle attachment somehow, or perhaps try using the external shoulder strap tie points to carry it.

If you fear the handle could pop out, I’d definitely use a shoulder strap.

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is anyone using one of these cases with the DT and DN?

if so I’d it’d be great to see a photo. i’m debating between the L and XL size. i’m hoping i can find one with a detachable lid

The lid is detachable, and yes, some Elektronauts use them.

This one is with OT and DT for example.