Suggestions for the best way to connect 5 ext.midi.inst to MnM

I want to connect 5 external instruments and control them via the monomachine. An idea is via a midi hub. what you think about it or tell me what you’ve done.

Thnks alot :slight_smile:


First possibility :

-> All your 5 externals instruments have “midi-thru”, so you can chain all instruments like that :
MnM OUT -> in (1) thru -> in (2) thru -> in (3) thru -> in (4) thru -> in (5)

Second possibility :

-> At least one have a midi thru, you have to buy a midi splitter like this one : . It will split the midi signal into 4, so you will plug like that
-> In (4)
-> In (3)
MnM out -> in (quadra thru) -> in (2) thru -> in (5)
-> in (1)

Just get a midi through box.

I asked a similar question to the ELEKTRON support, maybe you can use it

That’s the reply :

I would have the Octatrack as master and connect MIDI OUT to the Machinedrum MIDI IN and from the MIDI THRU on the Machinedrum to the MIDI IN on the Analog Four and from the MIDI THRU on the Analog Four to the MIDI IN on the Analog Rytm.

Midi thru box !

the Kenton Thru has exactly 5 splits.

I have one for the Elektrons…perfect

I used to have an old Roland thru box that required an external psu. I now use a quadra thru, but beware, if you have a mki MNM or MD then it won’t be powered via midi.