Surreal Machines Dub Machines on sale

I promised myself no more delay plugins after Live 10’s Echo was so good, but I demoed Modnetic from this and it has such a gorgeous spring reverb emulation, perfect for dubby type stuff, so I couldn’t resist at this price (35€ or 49€ bundled with Diffusion).

Diffusion I’m not so sold on right away, but for the extra 14€ seemed worth it.

Just a heads up for any dub delay fans out there :slight_smile:

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Hey there!

I do not why, but the price I see on Ableton’s website is €29 (Diffuse+Magnetic)

Good spot. Those are the Max versions though, so they’ll only work in Live and the UIs look a bit more simple. Not sure if the VST/AU have more features or just look nicer.

But yeah I would probably have got that if I’d have realised as I pretty much just use Live, hehe

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ah ok…sorry…didn’t know there are the VSTs version!
Thanks :slight_smile:

BTW…I like the Diffuse,got those algorithms for sound space directivity…quite warping pleasure sometimes.
I believe Diffuse is almost identical in VST or M4L.
Not Modnetic (VST) compared to Magnetic (M4L)

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