Swarmatron Patch First Attempt

After hearing what could be done on the Octatrack, I decided to give it a go on my A4 last night. Needless to say I didn’t get very much sleep.

Here’s the kit and sound; http://tinyurl.com/zn3sqdu

I mapped all the macros to my own liking, to try mimicking the behaviour of the “swarm” effect and the infamous THX slide.

Here’s all the macros in a bit of detail;

Cho- Brings in chorus volume and changes sync amount of each track

Bzz- Linear detune of all oscillators in either direction while widening chorus

Ovd- Adds tuned lfo filter modulation to all tracks

Pan- Spreads tracks equally, 2 on each side

Flt- Lowpass filter over all tracks

Dly- Brings in delay and very slow lfo controlling delay time

-/+ Tunes every oscillator either up or down

Spn- Adds various speeds of panned lfo’s to each track

Frq- Frequency modulation in either direction for even more bees!

Hope you guys have some fun with this, I know I am :alien:


Sounds cool. Will download and try it out asap. Thanks :slight_smile:

Heres an audio demo for you guys! No effects other than the macros are used up until around 2 min, then I send it to space. :wink: Also drop into a beat with the Rytm midway.


Very nice!

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Anyone have a go with this kit? I’d love to hear some more demos! I’ve been finding tons of variation and subtle nuances in my adventures so far.

Superb Vanilla :slight_smile:


I’ll try it later - let you know.

I downloaded it today. I’ll be happy to play with it. It have a nice sound. Thanks for this sound engineering, Thx for sharing! I’ll give it a go.

Merci l’ami

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THIS IS SO NICE all night as your symptom… Did you apply some settings to the setting menu and all the other perf mode as pitch bend, modwheel ?

I don’t believe so… Only bought the A4 a month prior so I was still learning the ropes.

Might do that today and update the link, i’ll keep you posted!

I think it is a great use about :slight_smile: