Swing trigs?

i cant seem to get a grasp on how these work…

the manual just mentions them without any explanation…


Think of them as a swing template. You put swing trigs where you want normal trigs to be swung. Now the level knob adjusts how far them would be swung: 50% - no swing, 70% - all the way.

Basic example to hear this in action is to put trigs on every step, and swing trigs on every 2nd step then start adjusting the swing amount slowly.

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you have to be in the “swing page” [function + swing]…correct?

as soon as i enter that page…all my trigs change

the only way it seems to work is live tweaking of the parameter while the sequencer is running in record mode. i can’t create any triggless locks while in swing mode…it only creates regular trigs

swing shifts the timing of the lit trigs on the swing page, whether there’s anything on the real trigs or not, it’s a template to show which trigs will be swung if you dial in some swing - the swing page would normally be left as is unless you want to get creative
you want to focus on busy patterns with lots of 1/16ths and adjust swing from 50%(off) to e.g. 66% to get a feel - then mess about with the template trigs if you want - or use micro timing etc
it’s the same with the other pages - e.g. slide / param slide - those are just overlay templates for those aspects - though it’s much easier to select the trigs you want to slide and press slide than to go into the slide page

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thanks avantronica…makes all the sense in the world