Sync analog rytm 2 to ableton live

Can anyone help with getting analog rytm to sync to ableton live so its tight.
Ive set it up with the transport receive TICK and clock receive TICK
And the midi output port in ableton for analog rytm is set to sync ON.

Its still out
Any suggestions please

Overbridge is the solution.

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With Overbridge 2 I don’t believe that sync setting needs to be ticked. I’m not sure how that worked with OB 1, I can no longer remember it.

I seem to be able to get a pretty good sync using OB 2. I am using Bitwig though…

Yes I have got overbridge 2 but in the bottom left it says syncronizing with device its been saying that for a day now though. so not sure is the a setting or button i need to click in overbridge to sync it

Got it. Well, you really shouldn’t have to toggle or select anything in the Overbridge Plugin to initiate a synchronization of the clock signal. I think that was a thing with the first generation of Overbridge, but it doesn’t work that way any longer, to my knowledge.

By the way, if you open up the Overbridge control panel, does it say active or idle for the machine? If it says idle then you should probably restart your computer and the RYTM. I normally have the best success turning the Elektron instrument on right before opening the host software, but I’m not much of a manual reader! I just know that it says idle until it actually has an active connection with the Overbridge plug-in (on MAC anyway!).

Are you getting audio through the plug-in at this point?

In the control panel I don’t see either active or idle. The analog rytm is showing.
I dont understand why its say syncronizing with the device this may take a short while.
That message has been their for a while now

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Again, are you getting any audio? If not…

Maybe try uninstalling Overbridge and running a fresh install of the latest version. I have never seen it not indicate idle nor active… maybe if the machine was off.

You can also try opening the standalone software rather than the plug-in.

Otherwise, check the USB connection, maybe it’s a bad cable?