Sync Digitakt with Analog Rytm?

Hey guy not an Ableton question but was wondering if someone could help me with syncing the Digitakt with the RYTM, cant seem to get it to work so would love if someone could help.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Just simply getting them to talk to each other?

Go MIDI out from one box into the MIDI in of the other, and tell the latter box to receive MIDI clock and transport (i.e. start/stop) information.

But if you’re trying to get one to tell the other to play certain notes and certain MIDI CC data that’s a bit more complicated and out of my wheelhouse (i don’t even know what a wheelhouse is actually).

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Cheers man I managed to get it with those settings thank you, just wanted them to play together but had the setting a lil wrong, appreciate it!

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