Sync Model Samples to Moog Matriarch?

I’m new to midi. I don’t really know anything about it. How do I sync the model samples to a Moog Matriarch or better yet how do I trigger the Matriarch with the model samples? I read through the manual but I still don’t understand.

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Assuming you mean “how to sequence the Matriarch from the Model:Samples (M:S)”:

Connect the MIDI Out port of the M:S to the MIDI In port of the Matriarch.

On the Matriarch:
In the Global Settings, find out which MIDI input channel number the Matriarch is using. If in doubt, set it to be 1. See page 63 in the manual.

On the M:S:
In the SETTINGS > MIDI > CHANNELS menu (manual, page 38), choose 1 of the 6 tracks (T1 to T6) and set the MIDI channel number to match the channel number you selected on the Matriarch.

In the SETTINGS > MIDI > PORTS menu (manual, page 38):

  • set OUT TO to “MID”
  • set OUT THRU to “OUT”
  • you might need to tinker with OUT POL

Select the track that you want to use to sequence the Matriarch. In the TRACK SETUP MENU, check the MOUT box (manual, page 23).

Now any sequence that you enter on this track should also be sent to the Matriarch.

Try this out and let us know how it goes.

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I tried all of that and it doesn’t work still.

So tell us a little more and we can help. For example, does the MIDI indication light on the Matriarch light up when you sequence it from the M:S?

The midi light on the. matriarch does not light up. I didn’t think it would be this hard. I really thought I could just connect them and it would work.

I know this is a little late - but I picked up a Matriarch late this year and wanted to connect it to my Machinedrum to have the MD transport controls start the Matriarch’s internal sequencer.

However, it didn’t work (MD MIDI OUT —> Matriarch MIDI IN). Channels all set appropriately (Channel 1 for simplicity). The Matriarch is set up to receive MIDI data and clock.

Plug in my Korg ESX instead of the MD, guess what? It worked, the Matriarch’s sequencer would play when I hit play and stop when I hit stop.

Plug in my Spectralis, same thing as my ESX. It worked.

Plug in my Analog Keys? Nope. No work.
Plug in my Monomachine? Nope. No work.

Tested any sort of possible setting for all of them. They sequence other gear just fine, but not the Matriarch (My AK can ‘start’ my ESX with no problem).

I can’t tell if this is an issue with the Matriarch or all Elektron gear, but I suspect this is the problem the OP ran into. There appears to be no way for Elektron gear to START/STOP the internal sequencer on the Matriarch… Except!!!

  1. On the Machinedrum, set up a part to sequence notes on the Matriarch.
  2. Input a note on the first step.
  3. Make sure your Matriarch’s internal sequencer play button and hold buttons are lit up.
  4. Press play on the MD.
  5. Switch the Matriarch’s mode from SEQ to ARP, and then back to SEQ.
  6. Then, be sure to erase the note on the MD so it doesn’t re-trigger the sequence on the Matriarch.
  7. Profit.


But seriously, that was the only way I got it to work. It’s wonderfully awful.