Syncing Roland Boutique with Analog Four

Hi all,

I’m trying to connect my TR09 to the Analog Four so that the the drums come from the TR09 and the synth stuff from my A4.

If I do this with the TR09 and my JX03 it’s really simple as I connect from output to input and that’s it.

How do I do this with the A4/TR09?

TR-09 has a stereo out - so take a stereo 1/8" cable to duel mono 1/4" and plug them into the A4 inputs.

Then assign [L]/[R] for OSC1/OSC2 respectively in a single track of a new A4 project and use this to process the incoming sound from the TR-09. You can mute everything except the drums on the TR-09 (obviously, either don’t program anything else other than drums or simply mute other voices you’ve programed by turning knobs for each voice counter clockwise.) If you do it this way, then you’ll have three other synthesis tracks on the A4 to play with.

You can reference this type of setup in the A4 manual appendix that shows examples of common uses of the A4.

Also run midi CC from A4 to the TR-09 so everything stays in sync – of course, if that is what you are interested in doing.


Cool thx!
So I will have to order a Y cable 1/8" on one end and then with 2x 1/4" that go into the A4.
Regarding setup I’ll have a look at the manual!

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Great! I found a cable and now it’s up and running. This is fun haha :slight_smile:

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