Syntakt - Multi-Input to Logic Pro X

Hi All - I’m trying to get individual, multiple inputs from the Syntakt into Logic Pro X. If I run Overbridge independently, I get all the separate channels. In Logic, I go AU Instruments -> Elektron-> Syntakt -> Multi-Output 16 Mono.
What shows up are 16 Software Instrument channels all saying just Syntakt and no number variation. If I hit play, I only get one audio channel which is the master feed from the Syntakt coming in.

On the Syntakt in Audio Routing, it is set to 15/15 and all are green.
I’ve read through the Syntakt and Overbridge manuals, but unless I’m missing something, I’m not seeing an answer there. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have the latest firmware on the Syntakt and the latest version of Logic.

Also, I’ve made sure to make all of the Syntakt plug-ins active in Logic after they are created because for somer reason only the first one is active by default. Still no luck with seeing signal coming in on all of the channels. Just getting one channel with the master mix.

Hello Einar

Try this, should work for Syntakt too

Have fun

Hello - thank you for the response. I’ve previously followed that Digitakt video and I’m not getting the result he does at 5:59 showing the sequentially numbered tracks on the Syntakt. This is what I’m getting. They are all just labled Syntakt. If I click on them, they do show OB with but all are set to Track 1. If I click on Track 2 etc. in the OB plug-in screen, close and reopen it, it still says it’s on Track 1 again.

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 10.49.22 AM|690x494

The Syntakt was not connected when I took the screen shot, but the result is the same when I have it connected.

It looks like you’ve just added a bunch of Overbridge instances. I suspect you clicked the wrong “+” button.

You need to click the little one on the bottom of the strip, next to the bottom of the level fader. That’s what adds multi-channels.

Max that out, then add auxes for each multi-channel’s out, then audio tracks with an aux for each in. It’s worth really following the video step by step exactly, pausing frequently if necessary. It’s very easy to skip or screw up a step, even for a person very familiar with Logic.


Thanks for taking the time to respond to this post. You were exactly correct and I was able to get the multi-track recording to work as in the video by following your advice. Greatly appreciated!

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