Syntakt or Analog 4 for techno?

I’m the same way… which is why I now have the A4 and a Syntrx :+1:


Don’t forget … on each track we can change the patch of the A4 per step :smiley:


The A4 is a bit more challenging to find the sweet spots but very rewarding when you do.
The perf macro set up is absolutely one of the best things a synth can offer when playing live.
Over time you’ll really dial it in yet still feel like you can grow with it.

As someone pointed out there’s key tracking on the A4 filters. This makes for really powerful bass sounds.

The oscillator feedback is super wild in the best way.

A4 also makes incredible drum sounds that seem to fit perfectly in the mix with all other sounds coming from the A4. All this with sound locks, slides and perf macros you can really do things other synths just can’t do.

My prediction is the A4 will make you ditch the Microfreak eventually.