Synth Programming Specs List Anywhere?

Does anyone know a resource that provides a comprehensive list of the technical specifications of the various AN4/Keys synth settings?

For example:

  • Setting the FRQ knob for Filter 1 to 0/127 places the cutoff at what frequency? 63/127? 127/127?
  • Setting the default AMP ATK to 0/127 is 0ms? How many ms is 63/127? 127/127?

I’ve been looking through the manual and poking around in Overbridge but can’t find a good resource for this.

I dont know of any hardware synth that gives that amount of precise information.

So the only way to find this information out would be testing and taking notes on all the parameters myself? Do you have any suggestions on the best ways to start doing this?

Given that the synth is now hardware/software controllable with Overbridge, I thought there might be a chance that at least some of this information would documented or accessible in some way.

Why so technical ? Just trust your ears. :imp:

Trying to duplicate at closely as possible different patches from a softsynth I use for sound design onto the AN4.

When juggling dozens of different synth parameters at once, this can be difficult to do by ear. An example… “Does my AN4 patch sound a little too bright because the cutoff is too high or the filter amount envelope is too high? Or because there’s a fundamental different in the way sound is generated between the synths?”

Having information like this to verify causes for sonic differences in similar patch settings between synths really helps the troubleshooting process and can save a lot of time.

Just wondering what the best way to find out the actual values being used behind the the scenes is.

hard work

lots of other ‘units’ are baked in relative to sequencer
if you search elektronauts using google you’ll find other relationships which have been tabulated - may need crafty google skills, but there have been many discussed over the years

Awesome will start looking through this. Thanks so much!