Synthplex 2022 β€” Burbank California, October 27-30

This is a reasonably sized show with about 80 Exhibitors.

There will also be live music, and at least 36 seminar presentations, including Jean-Michel Jarre ( he has a new music release ).

Also a part of the show is the Pop-Up Synth Museum, which is showing a large collection of Oberheim equipment, among other things.

Only new product debut that i know about so far at Synthplex is the CEntrance Bouncer.


A Pocket-sized 10-channel line mixer with an integrated digital recorder.

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Elektron is exhibiting.

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Black Corporation has a new Eurorack module with a single ( Jupiter ) voice from their Ise-Nin synth. They did something similar before with their Deckard’s Voice module.

There will be an expander for more CV with this.

Looks like there isn’t going to be a lot of news from this show.


Shut up !

Synthclavier showed up with a surprising new hardware synth, the Regen.



The ultimate in OB-X inspired synths. This is bi-timbral, 8-voices, with four LFOs and 4 envelopes, and an unbelievably detailed display and control surface. And this thing is massive, a wild creation of Jacob Brashears of Shear Electronics. He plans on shipping this β€” for real, you can own this yourself β€” March 2023.


The Bouncer looks pretty cool. It is a smart, intriguing concept.

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For those that want the Oberheim sound and to also pilot the Death Star. Sign me up!

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he was estimating a $3,500+ price point back in 2017, when it was a 6-voice prototype, so presumably the new iteration will be at least that. but if it performs up to the new specs, would have to merit consideration when the OB-X8 is $5k in a much larger form factor

In the video he said this new one will cost at least $6,500.

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welp . . .

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I don’t know half of what that kid is talking about but his self assurance and enthusiasm is a joy to watch and makes me happy to know that cool and crazy people are out there doing cool and crazy shit.