SYNTHR4 by SynthR

It’s in French, sorry, but I figured some could be interested in this “modular system with memory” that sounds impressive.

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Pretty cool device indeed. Pick-your-filter, virtual patching, sequencer. 3240€, inc. VAT.

The reviewer gives it a 8/10


  • Pure analog sound
  • Quality and flexibility of the 4 VCOs
  • Quality and variety of the 2 VCFs
  • Sensible modulations
  • Fast envelopes
  • Different split modes
  • Memory for routing
  • Well chosen digital effects
  • Very original arpeggiator
  • Various sequencers with song mode
  • Nice build quality
  • Interchangeable VCFs (optional)


  • Pair of VCF/VCA only in parallel
  • No potentiometer memory or Midi CC
  • No audio inputs to VCFs
  • No CV modulation inputs
  • Ergonomics in some menus
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