Sysex dumps on digi

Hey ,

Just been trying to do sysex dumps onto my Mac from my Digi, As far as I am aware it’s supposed to be pretty fast, my attempts so far that I have started the process everything seems to be running fine but I am still yet to have one say its completed on the Digitakt. These ain’t massive files either just ones with 4 patterns. any idea why this may be happening. Have tried the buffer speed on c6 on different speeds (1 and 10)

any help would be great thanks

have also got it in usb config mode

Under MIDI config > Port Config, make sure that input and output is set to “USB only” (not “MIDI” or “MIDI and USB”). That should fix it.

It’s more opaque stuff from Elektron - it shouldn’t be so easy to mess this up. Also, more nomenclature mess - call “MIDI” “MIDI DIN” and things would be so much clearer for everyone.

Meanwhile, I have sysex receive consistently crashing my Digitakt, on the latest beta OS. Probably will have to raise a ticket. I hope you have more luck!

Hope that helps.

Hey 1zero,

Will give this a try ,Yeah it seems like Enrique martinez videos seem to do more than the electron manual haha.
I can only imagine what is happening to you Is about to happen to you haha, Hope you manage to solve your problem, will report back in 5 on how I got on.


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thanks it just worked. Much praise got you, blessings your way !