SYSEX loading & saving (complex question)

So I’m putting together my live set. I’ve got 20 odd sysex data dumps with various presets, sequences, waveforms, samples programs and kits etc…

My question is a simple question but I haven’t worked out a way to resolve this issue.

How would one consolidate various presets, kits, samples, sequences et cetera from say 20 different SYSEX data files/data dumps into one file.

Or another way is to put it is like this.

I have hundreds and hundreds of sequences, presets, samples that are saved in different places. AND that all work together Ada a set. I would like them all to appear in one place. So my question is … How would I load all of this information into my three machines from several SYSEX file dumps.

In short, if my live set goes all wrong, at least on the laptop Ive got the backups that I can reload into my machines.

Kit list:
DPS-1 (octotrack)
Analog RYTHM

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
Darko V

Hi Darko,
Unless you can write some complex piece of software yourself, you are going to have to do it manually and laboriously.
The first step is to have in mind how your set will be constructed. If you don’t want to have to reload during your live set then you will need to consolidate the necessary files into one Octatrack project, maybe one Monomachine snapshot, and one Analog Rytm project. You need to know how you will synchronise the three machines.
In order to do that, you will need to figure out how to organise the data into each bank of patterns and kits/parts, and how you will make transitions between different parts of your live set.
Then you have to load in each of the old data files and make sure that the data goes in the right place according to your plan. You may have to re-save new backups of partially completed live set as intermediate steps while you are loading in your existing files.
It’s going to take a while, but it will surely be worth the effort.