Sysex ''WHOLE PROJECT'' backup, no of my self-imported sounds are in Sysex!

Hey there!

I just bought an ARmk2 and started to check out everything what the AR gives. I’ve bought a soundpack with 128 synth patched. At all there are 256 Sounds (together with the sounds of ARmk2).
Then I made the Sysex dump - sending the whole project.

my C6 says there are just 4 Projects and 128 sounds etc. in the project (standard as i bought it).
My Storage on ARmk2 says that I’ve 6 Projects and 256 Sounds.
This is confusing me. What I’m doing wrong? Please help.

Thanks in advance


The projects are separate from the +Drive sounds (& the samples fwiw)

so backing up a project will not look to the +Drive which must be backed up from the sound manager and nor will it back up samples (use transfer for that)

The kits will have sounds sorta baked in and the pool (if used) will also be saved with a project, but that’s it in terms of sounds

Allright. good to know. really asking myself why its handled like this.

But with the Projects… didnt get it really.

How can i backup a project now? Via the Sound Manager? … the Transfer App just gives possibility to handle samples…