Hello good people,

I’m kinda interested in looking at the AR sysex… :slight_smile:
if someone has a minute or two, if you can make a sysex backup of e.g. the factory preset project and put it online, would be lush.

many thanks

…same here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

if you’re on OS X 10.9+ you can use this for saving the backup:

dunno if c6 has been updated to work with AR sysex.

  • if the AR has a menu for choosing the MIDI device behaviour (dunno), set it to use USB only.
  • USB-connect your AR to your Mac, launch the app, select the AR as input.
  • Use the SysEx Dump menu on the AR to send the whole project (assuming it has such menu, lol)
  • The app should display the number of received messages.
  • Finally, hit the Save button.

i have not gone to 10.9…

will try c6

this works fine on 10.7

this good?

c6 locked up but I got this…

yep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: thanks! … is this a dump of an entire project?

edit: guess it’s a complete backup …

looks like it’s exactly the same as the other one so i reckon it should be good :+1:

thanks a bunch dimi3!

I just dumped a whole project…

as expected… this stuff is very similar to the A4’s but simpler…


:astonished: … that’s good though :joy:

[GASing intensifies]