Tarekith hints at new AR sequencer features


Also for Analog Four.

I thought Tarekith sold all his elektrons after the OT CF pin debacle?

Anyway, this is great news if true. Hope it’s beginning of many more long-awaited updates to the trinity.

“probability functions for the steps and triggers”

ooooooh, HELL YEA!

Really hope that it is true…

Would love to see him back here, top man!

Sequencer function would be cool. But when you say “big”… I mean it better be a lot of sequencer add on or something altogether unthinkable.

Wasn’t the (OverBridge) Sequencer announced for a late 2015 Overbridge update in the SonicState interview :slight_smile:

Looks like Elektron sticks to their schedule :+1:

If the update comes with a christmas-special -15% for the Rytm (hopefully) … i would run naked :joy:

Eaaassssy there!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oof, if it is OB only then that would be disappointing for a lot of users who have no use for it, and perhaps a little embarrasing for Elektron amongst the industry where their competitors have more sophisticated sequencers for less money, so I certainly hope that is not the case! Many users have been asking for these features for a good few years now so I am hopeful that Elektron have listened to their long term users.
Besides it is fairly trivial to do these kind of things in a DAW anyway, so what would be the purpose of making it OB only?

Oh… Oh yeah. If it’s for the hardware sequencers, it’s simply brilliant and I’m going partying. If it’s for an OB sequencer, it’s actually pretty disappointing - I’ve been happy with OB, but it can’t hit the HW development too heavily. Along the lines of what Daren said, we have DAWs for clicking on a mouse - I paid elektron to get away from that.

This is certainly not OB only. :slight_smile:
Cheers from Berlin!

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trig probability, eh? not that interested in random events tbh. give me “play-every-Xth-iteration” trigs instead.

MY experiences with step probability in sequencers have always been bad. I mean it sounds great in theory but a bit daft at times in practice. the buggers either skip the step alot or play it many times in succession IME :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, they are coming then eh? Well I hope elektron’s implementation is done in a way that is actually useable.

Awesome. Thanks for chiming in.

:+1: :slight_smile:

Great to hear - hardware guys need love too :wink:

Maybe… Next Step, Same Step, Previous Step, nth Step, per track? PER TRACK?!

Can… Can we have this on the Octatrack? :confused:

You never know :slight_smile:

You’ve been unlucky not to play with the feature on a Sequentix sequencer I’m guessing? My experiences have been all good. On a P3 or Cirklon, you can set a masking probability for any event type with variable probability per step. You want step 3 to occasionally repeat a note while step 20 almost always ties into the next note, you can do it.