Tb3 303 aira.. worth it or crap. Can get one real cheap

As the thread title says, worth picking up cheap or avoid. Looks ugly as hell and can’t see env res and cutoff knobs but I guess you access them from the touch panel?

Sound is fine, controlls are a bit “meh” with the touch screen. We used it live a bit due to it being very light in transport, and very cheap, and having more sounds than just the 303 sounds.

Also I guess you can set up midicontrollers to do all the buttons if you like, or send midi from DAW.

All in all, I like it, but I don’t use it that much. (Mostly cause I don’t use 303 Bass much, and the other sounds on it is fine live, but not great for studio work to be honest)

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Thanks, all I needed to know. I’ll give it a miss

Yes, you can play them in X/Y pad. Not very precise but feasible.

As a 303 clone, the relation between accent and slide is not great. TB-03 much better is this regard.

However, where the TB3 shines is with other sounds + random pattern generator… instant riff maker for live techno stuff.

If not for the stage, avoid.



I quite like it, but hate looking at it lol. Much prefer the square wave on it to the TT-303 and xoxbox.

As said above, the X/Y pad for env mod and decay is annoying and the accent is weird.

i use a Digitone midi track to map cutoff, res, env mod and decay to the top row of knobs which works pretty well.

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Hmm I have a DN+DT combo so that could work

Do you seq from the DN too?

actually, that’s recipe for sick acid automation :smiley:

Haven’t tried that with the DN yet but should be cool with the scales and transpose. When I had a DT was just slaving the TB3 seq and using the DT encoders to tweak it. Not ideal, but better than using the XY pad.

I pretty much only use patch A02 (square) so thinking about trying out a TB-03 instead. Been thru all the 303 clones tho and don’t think I’ll ever be happy until I get a real one :grin:

Had one. It was ok. Sold it. Touchscreen was poor, no sweep to anything. For small and awesome I’d go AS1.

I really love the tb3 for what it is, and some of the others sounds are a nice bonus.
Probably the easiest to stepwrite and edit sequences on.

I love mine. Would buy again. If you into acid, trance etc it’s a must have. But it’s basically a preset machine, wish it was a full blown synth. But there are a lot of preset fx combos for all kind of 303 bass-lines. It can do probably more different sounds as the tb-03, and it’s just extremely fun to use. Unfortunately the knobs became very lose very fast. Not sure if this is a general issue, or just on my unit.

I had one based on a website where they compare a lot of copies and this did pretty well. Sounds fine. If i were in the market for that sort of thing i would get the tb-03 which was not available then. I guess it also depends how cheap you can get yours for and how key this sound is for you. For my uses i can get close enough with other synths to not have it as well as only looking for that sound neighborhood some of the time.