Technics 1200 returns

The used market for tech 12’s just went to the clownshow.
Maybe Kanye could get Mark Zuckerberg to hook me up.

I’m almost starting to get it…regardless the price, they will sell out at 1,200 units. That then funds the R&D to make a cheaper version if the market is still there. All bets are off talking about this thing - name one other product that went basically 30 years unchanged and still sold.

Not to mention it’s one of those things that talking about does nothing for - this is an instrument that needs to be played to be understood.

Or make an affordable version from the outset and sell 120,000 units.
Sounds like marketing bullshit of epic proportions.
Pioneer managed to enter the turntable market from scratch with a quality product at a sensible price point.
Reeks of utter contempt for the consumer to me. Very disappointed.

Reeks indeed.

technics patent expired… and audio technica and others manufacture tables that are basically the same

i say this as a LONG time 1200 user.

just get the audio technica 1240s (a pair) and enjoy your thousands of saved dollars

“Reeks of utter contempt for the consumer to me”

Contempt for the consumer? As in, a company spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to research and then create a product… all because they have contempt for the people who want to buy them? Like a big, expensive troll?

I just don’t see that. I do seem selling 1,200 units at a ridiculous price because there would be 1,200 (could be as low as 600 if you talk about pairs) people willing to pay that regardless - and well, more power to all of them. Not my bag though…the used market is fine and there are other options.

I don’t see them selling 120,000 units at any price though - for the same reasons mentioned above. I don’t think this is a growing industry either - I think it has kind of plateaued and everybody (especially the manufacturers) know it.

Also - these are not coming back as dj tables from what I can tell - they’ll be audiophile / hi-fi type things and so the dj market doesn’t matter. Again, plenty of options in that realm. Prices in the high-end sector are already high, so I’m not surprised. If however we insist these are for DJ’s, then again, these will be bought by the best/most wealthy and also it would make sense for a huge club to have a pair installed…at that point who cares what regular joes can afford.

Basically, as a dj who still uses vinyl, I was excited for 5 seconds when I heard of this, then I quit caring because I realised it was not for me, they’re just using the name for hype.