Techno Bassline

Hey, I haven’t found out how to create a good techno bassline on rytm yet. what are you using for settings and which sound exactly do you use? BT or LT or MT or HT?

I would be happy about many tips from you! :slight_smile:

Did you try a search through existing threads to get you going … the best machines are easily the new BD ones (related to the initial AR release), they’ve been tailored to play chromatically …


In this case I usually load a single-cycle waveform sample and set to loop.
Try the square or saw wave from the factory sounds for a 303 flavour.

What is a techno bassline? Some kind of sub that merges with the kick?

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What I like to do is to load a Tom Sample into the BT channel, then Pitch it down by ~ 20 semitones then lowpassfilter and slightly overdrive it.
When you get the sequencing/timing right, you can acchieve this „non traditional“ techno rumble basslines… :slight_smile:

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ahh ok so you are talking about that sub thing.

Making subs is the easiest thing in the world - just load up a sinewave sample and tweak away, or use the impulse machine and oscillate the filter (?)

analog BT