Techno so stale and generic that originator don't know his own work

I’ll just leave this here…

How generic can a genre become? Does the world need more bleepy 909 tracks? Was poor old Jeff’s brain captured by the aliens he constantly talks about?



Dissing techno on an Elektron forum…

I’ll get the popcorn.


I always liked Jeff in the old days, but he hasn’t really been relevant to me in a decade or more. I’m more of a 4Art guy where he’s concerned.

You know, Richie Hawtin still makes some good stuff. I like some of the more spacey stuff from people like Nadja Lind too these days. I play it more while I’m working or relaxing than anything. I’m not exactly hitting the rave and club circuits these days. :stuck_out_tongue: Some nice spacey dubby techno, a cigar, on a sunny day out on my deck is a nice combo.

And… yes… I’m afraid we still do need more techno. Always more techno. So… there? :smiley:


I’m not disrespecting techno.

If someone is an obvious copycat and nails your sound to the extreme so you think it is your own, i don’t find any other words than ‘‘generic & stale’’ for that.


Lots of ways to look at this.
I’m no Mills defender but the argument could be made that the actual producer’s production was just 100% derivative.


True. When you have a style that is both minimal AND somewhat unique among your peers, I don’t think it would be a tall order for someone to nail that style. I’m pretty sure I could whip out some classic Mills sounding things. I guess the difference then becomes, people will play his because its his, and not mine, because it’s mine. :smiley: Not many technical differences perhaps, but he’s spent years making a well earned name, and I’ve spent the last 25 years making music for fun.


Then you should remove the comma from the post title to make that distinction.


If you’re on the right drugs in a good club with some good people, techno can be ace. It’s not really something I listen to sober though, as it’s (usually) not very interesting or captivating, in my opinion - though with a few exceptions. But each to their own. :slight_smile:


Right, sorry, I’m with you now.


Isn’t that the problem with any music genre? From the moment it stops drawing inluences from other genres and it becomes the inspiration in and of itself it often becomes generic and irrelevant.

But that is one hell of an example of it though ! :laughing: That really should be a wake up call for you as a musician…

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So just because of a comma, I’m dissing Techno? I’m confused.

(I was an techno artist as well, played Tresor and ish)

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Of course! :okej:


I’m a believer that sometimes genres of music need to be either killed off or at least culled for a period of time so that it can regenerate into something relevant again. At least hair metal in the 80’s met its death after it became a generic uninventive copycat genre.


To jeff s defense, or not, sometimes i find old stuff of mine i don t remember making :smiley:


I don’t think so.
What I am saying is “Techno, so stale and generic” sounds like a statement about the genre as a whole.
Where as “Techno so stale and generic” sounds like a statement about the track in question, not the genre as a whole.

Removing the comma helps with the distinction.

Awesome! Old location or current?


I’m glad I fetched out the popcorn after all…


Just to clarify, this is not a spam advert for popcorn. I actually hate popcorn, it gets stuck in my teeth and makes me cough. It’s a well worn metaphor for exactly this kind of forum thread. As in “get the popcorn in, there’s a show about to start”.

Please feel free to flag me for being a dick, but spam’s a bit wide of the mark. I’m vegetarian for a start…


Why did I trash talk? I’m not the one to blame here. I’m whether Mills nor the copy. I just find the situation amusing. And is old Jeff (or any other artist) free of criticism? I know, forum talk doesn’t convey the intention in the right way.
But I can make fun on anyone, including Mills. He is no demigod.
And yeah, he’s well known… What you trying to say?

Don’t shoot the messenger…

If you squint, you might just be able to see the flags on the horizon…


Old and current. Though I liked good old E-Werk more than Tresor. Ahhh, the good old 90’s in Berlin…

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Agreed. So comma in title edited just to preemptively cool off folks who may be coming in hot based on the title alone.

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