Teenage Engineering OP1 noise problems Interface Focusrite

Hi there,

among other things, I use an OP 1 and connect it via the jack cable with the
line in on a Focusrite Scarlet 18i20. Unfortunately, I hear a strong noise sound
and I have to set the volume on the OP1 very high to receive any signal.
I’ve tried it with a noise - reducer, other jack cables, adapters, even with different
line inputs on the Focusrite.
The output signal of the OP1 is okay, it works well with headphones and with the
line in at the Machinedrum.
Do you know this problem?
BR, Dauna

The op 1 is pretty noisey at the best of times, however the usual culprit with the Op-1 making noise, is the usb. Grab a USB groin hum remover or don’t have the USB plugged in and that should improve things.


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you should sample that before you hit the doctor’s surgery :wink:


Ha! I see a whole new genre of music coming…

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I never have noise trouble with the OP-1, unless it’s USB.

To reduce reverb noise, reduce the number of turns on the spring. This makes a huge difference.