Telephone Project

Hey guys,

I just put together a prototype for an interactive music project. Here’s the idea:

I set up a phone line that plays an instrumental track when you call it. You call in and rap, sing, or play along to the music. Anything you do over the phone is recorded to a server. Once I have a decent volume of people calling, I hope to get on a weekly schedule where I’'ll listen through the entries, edit them into a finished track over the instrumental, then put it up on a blog. Each week I’ll start again with a different backing track.

I originally thought of this as a rap project, but now I’ve been thinking it would be just as interesting to work with singing and other sounds. (The telephone is obviously particularly well suit for the voice). So if singing or jamming along sounds fun to you, call in and give it a shot!

The (USA) number is: 917 717 5131

I just got this set up, so my goal at this stage is simply to get a few submissions and listen to the sound quality and see if this is even a viable project. I’m a little worried it’s too lo-fi. I’m interested to hear any feedback you have.

Elektron tie in: most of the instrumentals will be made on Octatrack/A4