That moment the OT just clicked

I’ve owned my OT MK2 for about six months. At the start I was trying to run before I could walk. Live looping / resampling. As you can imagine I had lots of issues (All user).

Only once I simplified everything did the device finally click. Instead of live looping = just record. Slice the recordings manually. Start to build simple pattern progressions. Rather than trying to integrate the OT into an existing setup, use it standalone. Forcing myself to have limitations has made things a lot clearer to me. It’s now so much fun just to turn on the device and the modular and just record and have fun. Goodbye computer for now!

Long story short - simplification


It was a good day when it clicked for me.
It is such a fantastic tool once you are confident with it. Nothing else like it

I tried to run before I walked as well…simplified things and took it a step at a time and things got better.
The moment everything clicked? I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

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It clicked since I recorded with it : very clicky! :smile:
It really clicked for me when I didn’t care anymore about clicks. :content:


I’m on my 3rd iteration of OT, I think?

The first couple times I was chasing kites with all the bells and whistles, and then sampling those bells and whistles and making a few jams with them.

It wasn’t until last night when I was playing around with it did the notion of using it for a performance actually start to dawn on me.

And then the OT became much more than I had previously considered it to be.

Scenes began to make more sense(more than zero- I still mostly don’t know what I’m doing with them), parts began to make more sense(see above).

It feels like I’ve finally been invited to the wonderland of OT instead of just peeking in from the window


I was waiting for sezare to say something about loops clicking… :smile:


I was on tour last summer when I bought my OT from Perfect Circuit in LA. Had no real time to mess with it until I got home a couple weeks later, so at night in hotels I just fired it up in demo mode and poked around. Scenes was the first thing that blew my mind about the machine. A single pattern with some well thought out scenes could make a really cool song much easier than I could manage on the DT in a fraction of the time. Once I got home, I tried to dive into every crazy trick I’d seen here and on YouTube and really frustrated myself badly in the process. Nearly returned the machine to Perfect Circuit! So glad I didn’t. I still more than occasionally get in over my head, but usually have a lot of fun and come up with stuff I’d never come up with if I didn’t have the OT. As much as I frustrate myself with it, if I could only own one piece of hardware, that would be it

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By Elvis?


Had a click moment about half an hour ago.

Finally worked out trig recording.

Been using pick up machines to sample, and for some reason couldn’t get the trig way.

Had a play around and it suddenly it made sense.

No doubt I’ll forget by tomorrow but at least now I know it works!


It all clicked into place for me once I figured out parts/patterns and how saving works.
The other big moment was realising how pick up machines are not the machines for me :slight_smile: just sample with track recorders! Have not touched a pick up machine in 3 years.


I think after being stumped multitudes of times, spiraled into techy bug hunting and/or figuring out user error sessions over and over, reading the manual front to back a bunch of times along with many of pdf searches, testing concepts over and over to see how they work and make sure I won’t do something weird to mess up the function, one day the OT just clicked… :slightly_smiling_face:
Then I spent all day trying to figure out why the PU machines were clicking… :smile:

Glad I got through those phases, totally worth it…


I got a new (2nd hand) OT yesterday.
It’s absolutely frustrating… but I’ve also figured out how to do a bunch of amazing things already. Scenes are amazing. Progress is rapid. FX are better than I expected. Very excited atm.