The art of production: Rrose

Fascinating interview.

A few highlights for me:

“Then there’s the thing I talked about before about creating music that is its own entity, that exists outside of myself to some extent. It’s like putting a chemical reaction in motion and watching what takes place. So the approach changed from putting personal expression first to discovering things about sound. Now I consciously work with very basic building blocks of sound.”

“I also try and avoid the “here’s my drum machine, here’s my drum loop with my kick and hi-hat and here’s my synth sound, and here’s my atmospheric pad sound, and now I’m arranging my song” type of approach. I try to really steer clear of that way of producing dance music. I start with very simple components and the structure is all about how they can morph over time in this gradual sense.”


I also really enjoyed reading that. Really insightful and a very interesting process.

First thing I did was open Live and try out these techniques. Can’t wait to experiment with these on hardware synths.

Imo, a more interesting read than the music itself. I pretty much always find that though, reading reviews, descriptions/situations. Enjoy the stories and discussion much more.


Really interesting read! Big fan of Nancarrow and its always interesting to see whose been inspired by him, another interesting one is A.G Cook who said he has a big Nancarrow influence. Henry Cow are also one of my favourite bands so crazy jealous of anyone who has got to work with Fred Frith.

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Fantastic read! Super interesting stuff (in a very geeky way), and I liked the interview style, really well done… Might be interesting to try sampling some of the avant garde tracks linked in the article, too.

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This way of doing sound design reminded me of this:

Clearly a big Henry Cowell influence as well with the discussion of the relationship between pitch and rhythm. Very cool.

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