The Caretaker - Everywhere at the end of time

That’s the most impressive piece of music I’ve ever heard.
I though it would deserve a thread by itself.

Enjoy it.
I mean, if you’re ready to enjoy a several hours ride from The Shining to the last stage of Alzheimer.


It’s great.

…from the shining to last stage of alzheimer for real…big screen madness though an oversized grammophon that runs on old walzes of wax…

I seem to go into a Caretaker rabbit hole every winter.
Great headphone commuting music.

(edit: sorry, it was unclear to me at first that this wasn’t a general Caretaker thread, and more about that one Epic album. If you want, I’ll delete these youtube links.)

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love the caretaker, and Leyland kirby in general. :raised_hands:t3::heart:

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…thanx for digging this…i love this moodset…

what is this guy? doing there…?..picking old rare tunes and treat them further out…?
or is this produced in any otherworldly way from nowadays…?
must be old grammophonish recordings somehow in first place…
whatsoever…this is melancholic and not melancholic at the same moment while slowly tumbling and always fallen out of time for real…really love it…this sonic landscaping takes me by the hand…and takes care for real…while it snows…in a distance…

I will probably be forever kicking myself for not buying this vinyl collection of Ray Noble & Al Bowlly when I had the chance.

I was visiting Chicago in 2014 and there it was in Reckless Records.
Really pristine too, all 14 records. Like they had just been sitting on some person’s shelf since 1982.

Stupid of me to pass it up.

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