The Five Stages of Elektron

#1 - Realizing your Elektron device does tons of cool shit

#2 - Realizing your Elektron device does even more cool shit than you knew

#3 - Knowing what buttons to press to do cool shit

#4 - Knowing what buttons to press to do cool shit without looking at the manual

#5 - Finishing a track

I’ve had my AK for a year now, think I’m @ #2 :slight_smile:


Do #5 to advance from #1 to beyond space and time :star_struck:


You’re absolutely right but a couple times a year I stop pressing the buttons and use a cheat code to finish a track anyway.

(I fucking LOVE Elektron!)

I think there is a missing #0 stage where you are like a chicken in front of a hammer.

:hammer: :baby_chick: :interrobang:


Buying octatrack / buying octatrack again.
Being confused
Learning how to do crazy thing
Forgetting how to do crazy thing
Return to 2 / sell octatrack / return to 1


you can see the future :slight_smile:


You forgot the step where you delete all of your work because you pressed a button combination that self-destructs the device.


Relatable. I’m on my second trip through this loop SMH.

Also, we need a step somewhere in between 2 and 3 that goes something like “complain on Elektronauts that your pet feature request has not been implemented yet.” :joy: :sob:

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I was gonna say this. Make a really cool sequence that took like an hour to setup and hit reload instead of temp save. Tears…


For me it went…

  1. Tried playing with dark trinity at a friend’s place. Thought … WTF so complicated, thought “Nah not for me” (after spending 15 minutes, I only had a TR-08 / SH-01a at the time)

  2. Saw Octatrack featured in some videos. Thought, “Hey, that thing can do a lot, maybe I should learn more.”

  3. Bought Octatrack, had a lot of WTF moments.

  4. Slowly learned more about OT, transitions, mixer, sampling, midi… Dayam. Bought DN.

  5. Spoiled by sequencer. Realize how much more I need to learn to get the most out my OT/DN. Thinking of swapping my 8s for a DT.


Or, late in the evening, having spent said hour, think I’m on a roll here, maybe just copy this pattern and really start building the track. Function + play, no, fuuuuuuuu!


The average bodily expression a few seconds after this happens:


Followed by defeat and sadness…


Yeah, even after 1,5 years with Elektron, for me there’s still a millisecond of ”where’s the undo button.” :rofl:

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le :fr: parler quoooi ! :loopy:

as per step
#7 - Realizing your Elektron device gets updates and does even more cool shit than you knew was possible
#9 - owning too many and muddling up which buttons to press to do cool shit … go back to #0


Idk for me it was like

#1 Realizing Octatrack does tons of cool shit

#2 Realizing I want another Elektron

#3 Realizing Analog Keys does tons of cool shit.

#4 Realizing I want another Elektron

#5 Rytm Mk1 or Mk2?


You forgot “Obsessively buy a whole bunch of other studio shit you think you need to go along with Elektron device, then sell it all because you realise that you just need Elektron device.”


Mine was:

#1 Buy Elektrons

#2 Book live shows

#3 Frantically pack in all the other steps in just a few weeks to get to #5 (finished tracks)

  1. Hear about how Elektron machines can do cool shit. End up buying an Elektron machine.

  2. Spend whole days reading the manual and figuring things out, for weeks, realizing that this machine can indeed do cool shit.

  3. Get mad because you realize that there is some cool shit that the machine can’t do, for some arbitrary reason.

  4. End up not selling the Elektron machine because despite it’s faults, the machine is still the center of your hardware setup.

  5. Years later, Elektron releases firmware updates that fix all of your little issues. You’re happy but at this point you know Elektron owns your soul.


#1. Buy Elektron product.

#2. Buy another Elektron product, because balance.

#3. Spend six months floating turds because you never really read the manual properly.

#4. Spend another six months mastering the way of Elektron.

#5. Spend all your time on Elektronauts arguing about Behringer.


For advanced users, #5a spend all your time on elektronauts arguing about behringer, or Modor