The hype is real

3 days and the Four will be finally mine. Any things i should do when it arrives? Install updates or something?

Yes. OS 1.21C was pushed out just a couple weeks ago.
Download it, and install with the C6 application

After the update throw some sound packs in and get synthesizing! Just got mine last month, oh what a joyous piece of kit

Sound packs for sure. particularly the new drum sounds.

Also search the forum for tabula rasa. It organized the kits in a way that’s more regional for getting started.

Use it stand alone and try and squeeze as much out of it as possible for a bit before adding other gear to the mix. I’ve been messing with the A4 stand alone for a bit, and feel like I’m unlocking a lot more of its potential.

Thanks for the advices! This forum has a great and helpful community!

After having had the first fun with your new toy, you should invest some time to explore the synth engine. IMO the A4 has a modern and very versatile engine combined with many modulation capabilities. There is more than a groove-box with four synth voices … :wink:

Straight out of the box, program some simple beep-boop patterns and crank up the chorus/delay/reverb effects. Enjoy ambient heaven. :heart:

Listen to these guys above ^^^ and doubly make sure you install C6 on your computer so that you can install OS 1.21C to the A4.
Then load all these free sound packs for it from the Elektron site:

Happy hunting!

Yess thats a really good advice. Using it standalone at first will let you learn the machine very well. Did that with the rytm and then with the octatrack. Now the A4 is coming today… Excited!

Still using them standalone… I like it that way for now. I tried to use it together, but my head was spinning after a few attempts…

Also great advice of the samplepacks. I will try some! Thanks

Congrats! Download sound packs and then load best sounds to sound pool of your project and explore sound-locks (killer feature imho). After that try to create simple song with them using only one of four tracks of A4 sequencer – you will be impressed how rich it can sounds even with only 1 track. You will find that 4 voice on 4 tracks is more than enough.
Also I recomend to use A4 as standalone device at the begining and don’t use soft with overbridge for sequencing it.

I found the preset sounds quite dissapointing but i knew from having used the machinedrum that i would find the workflow quite interesting, which it is.
I recommend learning the file structure (globals, +drive sounds, sound pool, kits,) check out sound locks and using performance setup.

I also found the stock sounds and patterns a bit underwhelming, but some of the Sound Packs are stunning and really well programmed.

After an initial few days of exploration, I would recommend making a backup and then wiping the entire machine in order to get to grips with making sounds. Otherwise, if you’re anything like me, you’ll get sidetracked by browsing through 1000s of presets.

24h left oooh boooy :heart: . I got i got these with the four…i could make my own but they look nice.

Hi trakun congrats on the A4 and those nice looking cheeks ! I totally need to get/make some for my A4/AR/MM so I’m not always so hunched over my desk LOL

What I did waiting for both my A4 and AR was read the manual super thoroughly. I actually double read AR manual. Maybe you already did this, but it’s probably the best way to figure out the elektron stuff. On other synths/machines I used to just play them to figure them out - that doesn’t cut it for the A4 since it’s super deep.

You can get all the sound packs for A4, but IMHO they aren’t that useful for making your own music. You can certainly use them as a starting point to tweak and make your own sounds, but I didn’t find many of them fit perfectly into the patterns I was writing. Another thing they are great for is seeing the capabilities of the machine and looking at all the routing and use of LFO’s, envelopes etc.

The biggest fun on this machine is taking a blank pattern on a loop with default sounds, throw some trigs in and turn some knobbies like mad!

Oh another good piece of advice if you haven’t already is watch this video by cenk/dataline It’s super useful even if you’ve already been using an A4 for a while.

I found watching people’s ability to improv beats and melodies on the fly to be inspiring. I always used to see sound design as completely separate to writing music (ie: spending hours trying to tweak and perfect that bass or hihat). Now I sound design as I write tracks, which allows the sounds to be tailored to the moment. The sounds may start out basic, but they evolve as I go.

Thank you for all the advices + the video onoffon.

Got it 2 days a go! What a great machine! I laugh so hard when i started …it was so hard even to find how to select a sound without the manual ( btw what manual should i download? going to print it ).

Get the Reference Manual in the

section … in “Support & Downloads”

or directly …

I would def try out the PERF/ARP modes ASAP. I find its way too easy to get lost in patching and forget about how awesome the thing is because of what it is capable of doing.