"The In-Between" Moving next week, home studio in flux

Folks, I’m feeling disconnected. Some of it is feeling held hostage to a change in living situation… some of it is a mental block of “no, I’m about to put that in a box.” I know it sounds weird. My heart and brain are already out of this living situation, and the thought of even sketching a track is just difficult to even force myself to begin. I HAVE been able to get regular practice out of my sax, but that’s just usual long tones and exercises.

How have others handled being stuck in limbo, so-to-speak?

Enjoy what you are able to do, when you can do it and know that you’ll get yourself all set up soon enough. If that doesn’t work, try finding something else to do (maybe something you’ve wanted to check out for a while) to distract from the feelings of discontinuity.

Get a small tascam and record whatever you can. Convert everything you do to audio and peruse through it later for samples. You’ll find moods/riffs that you wouldn’t have made in a more stable environment. Try to get away from strict exercises and explore. Bust out a single piece of kit and just use that.

Don’t try to finish anything as you’ll only frustrate yourself.

Best of luck!


I think you’ve found my problem. Haha. I’ve got two bands asking me to track horns on their projects… and yeah… I have to be in an “unfinished” mindset and be okay with that for 12 more days.

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I just put all my gear into storage, half was already there… Living out of my car and camping for the next month as I wait to see how a couple work situations and things pan out which will determine where I’ll live…

We have a long life in front of us, a month or a few isn’t that big of a deal and when I’m set up again I’ll be super excited and be easily inspired even if I play my old grooves…

Just blow that horn man, it can go anywhere!

I do have rocking stereo with power amp, aftermarket speakers, compact sub, and aux in in my car, the thought has crossed my mind to get some sort of cigarette lighter adapter or inverter and get the OT going in there… :smile:


Try a small solar panel on the dashboard with a charging circuit and a battery!


In the same situation at the moment myself. Nothing really set up right at the moment. I like the size of the Digitakt though, so I grab that and just muck about with it for a couple of hours every night. I don’t really make any tracks, but making sounds and compositions of sounds I might use for something later on. :slight_smile: I agree though, it’s not the best of creative situations.

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I’d be all about that but without my car on my amps will kill the battery… :open_mouth:

I do have a portable rechargeable speaker though… :thinking:

It’s been a fantasy of mine to one day get a vanogon type thing with a setup inside and have some kind of awning that folds out and speakers ready to just cruise up and play spur of the moment outdoor performances just anywhere… :smile:

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