Thinking about selling my AR mk2... what to get instead?

I’ve had my AR MK2 for a couple years now. i generally make techno/house but also Hip-Hop and Lofi stuff.
The lack of time-stretching in the AR really slows my process and i end up doing everything on ableton instead. Yes, it sounds amazing and the dual VCO is sick.
Thing is, i’ve been making a techno live set but i find myself tweaking too many knobs and changing patterns mainly on my AR and i want to be able to play other stuff in the meantime like my Subsequent37 and Mother32, not just stuck to my AR.
I’ve also been wanting to use less Ableton to produce.

But i’ve been thinking of getting an MPC live mk2 since it came out with CV/gate outs/ins to improve my workflow, and it’s 1200 USD. the AR is about 1600USD and i could easily sell it for that amount, but
What else would you get in my situation?
I could start a small eurorack with those extra 400, or maybe get a 303 clone or another small drum machine.
I’ve used the MPC live mk1 and absolutely loved it.

Do you use your moogs in combination with your AR?

Don’t Go modular, If you want to finish Tracks…

Ever considered a Deluge?

However, If you liked the MPC, Go for that!


I reckon the moogs, AR and MPC V2 would be a great combo together.

Not very much, just the midi thru and sometimes i launch sequences from AR to Mother32 while i play basslines/etc on the subseq.

Correct me if I’m wrong but you should be able to use the sequencer from your rytm to fully control the moogs.

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I get what you’re saying with not finishing tracks. I feel like the AR is too
“menu diving” and if i go modular it could go that way. But i really love that Analog feel.

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True! but i’m trying not to spend as much and only keep what i’m actually using.

Yes! i do that as well but i feel like it is way too “menu-diving” again.
I’ve considered an Octatrack2 but it’s the same menu-diving situation.

Instead of a MPC Live 2 I’d buy a MPC One. If you don’t need extra audio outputs, wifi & bluetooth and the speaker go for a MPC one, it’s cheaper and it has cv outputs too.


The MPC is at least as much menu diving as the AR. For my taste it‘s a much slower workflow than the elektron way.
But if you’re looking for a DAW replacement MPC live or deluge will probably your best options


I kind of agree with the MPC One suggestion. Save a bunch of cash, and then definitely get some kind of rhythm machine–the MPC is fine, but maybe something analog? You could get wild with a DFAM (since you already have a Mother), or classic with a TR8 or 8S, or one of the Arturias, even a Volca. It seems like you want another, immediate drum machine if you want to get away from the DAW, though.


Deluge sounds nice! haven’t tried one personally but the videos look really good.
And well, at least the MPC live has a more clear screen where i can see everything that’s going on, not like the elektron way where you have to remember way too many combinations and such things.

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True! i could build up a Moog rack and control it with the MPC, or a TR8S sounds good. I used to have a TR-8 and it was just so easy to use out-of-the-box.
And yes, i’ve been trying to get away from the DAW and only use it to mix/master/record at the end.
the ARMK2 is now my main box, and feel like the MPC could be a better centerpiece.


I think you can’t go wrong with mpc live. Keep your extra money to make a gift to your wife ^^


makes you more dependent on the screen in the general. Too many parameters to remember, while I know most parameters of my elektrons by heart.
But that was just my impression.
Elektrons feel like all needed parameters are just a button click away while the live feels like parameters that belong together are distributed all over the place

But I don’t want to talk you out of the MPC. As a all in one solution or centerpiece it‘s much better suited than a AR. Just referring to your comment that AR has too much menu diving for you

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I have a AR Mk2 and been tempted to sell it several times to go fully modular.

Modular is cool if you do tracks while jamming
and than recording on the go of whatever happens, less schematic more spontaneous

I recently got a Model Cycle and I was really Impressed of how hands on the device is.

You still have some menus but it is very quick and you almost have a knob for each parameter which is what AR lacks in my opinion.

For this reason I was thinking to get a Model Sample too and use it with rest of my gear.


Comparing the “menu-diving” on MPC and Elektron, I would say it’s quite similar. I wouldn’t even call it “diving”, because there are dedicated knobs to switch from “menu” to “menu” and for the workflow to create music it’s … AFAIK … one level only. There are some deeper menus, but this is more for setting up the gear and housekeeping.

IMO the main difference between creating music on Elektrons or MPCs is, whether we want the approach of “programming” 16-64 events using a step sequencer (Elektron) or “playing” on soft pads using a linear sequencer (MPC).

If I work on a “techno” piece, I go Elektron. If I work on “hip-hop” or groovy stuff, I go MPC. We can do both on both machines, but I feel more comfortable to use both for different styles.

Comparing the knobs of the Elektrons with the screen of the MPC, I prefer for techno-like programming the knobs. It’s much quicker and much more reliable. IMO playing and recording parameter locks is smoother on the Elektrons.

Isn’t this the purpose of a live set in the first place? :wink:

There will be no big difference on the MPC, if you are performing beats. Many play via track-muting and using the Q-Links on a MPC, but if you want to solo on the synths you might consider a playback approach. This can be done on AR and MPC as well.


Lofi Hip Hop. Dang it man the S2400 is being rolled out this October. The SP1200 was all about what you want in spades.
Checkout the beta testers.

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S2400 is like 1500 hifi dollars (or dilla’rs ?) to make lofi hiphop, cats love it :smile_cat::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was about the struggle, make it work with what you have and build your sound and style with the tools at hand (many designed for other purposes) Creativity gets lost in the flashing gearhubs of our time.

Damn should listen to myself more :rofl:

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