This Mother 32 sound on AK/A4?

Always hearing how the AK isn’t going to give you moog sounds. I just fell in love with this sound at 19.40. Gonna try and recreate it later on AK, along with some performance macros that hopefully give similar tweaking sounds to immediately prior/after on this video. Thought I’d curbed moog/modular gas but this just killed me… So nice… Hopefully get somewhere close with AK. Too broke to buy any gear for a while!


I don’t own a Mother 32 but I have a Slim Phatty and a Minitaur and it’s almost impossible to emulate those synth sounds with my A4. Especially the sound of the lower octaves. Having said that, most of the Mother 32 demos you hear are covered in reverb and played in higher octaves. Those sounds I was able to create with the A4.

The sound you pointed out in the video, I believe, can be had with the AK/A4. Then again, I wouldn’t consider that a signature “Moog” sound.

i got the m32, it is a unworldly beast! … seriously … the A4 is hard to bring into the mix, cos the m32 is so powerful … that video has a lot of extra fx … bear in mind cv sequencing of the m32 via a4, and the a4 fx unit for the m32 … pairs up pretty well imho

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i’ll second the a4 vs m32 being tough in a mix, the m32 overpowers a lot, the minitaur i was using before that also

the main thing to me, is that the filter on bass notes with the moog stuff gets super growly and gnarly, i don’t have any other way to put it, it is so polar opposite to my ears with the analog4, if anything i feel the analog4 leans more sh101/mc202 type of roland early 80’s filter bass tones, i mean not exactly it won’t ever be a kick drum machine exactly how those two can be but super close and with its own flavor splashed in, it sounds good but definitely not moog in any way shape of form imho

Having experience with a Voyager and a Sub37, I would say that Moog VCOs and VCFs are the foundation of the specific Moog sound. Also people experiencing the M32 often come to the conclusion: If you want a Moog sound, get a Moog. As natefrogg explains, there is a timbre of a warm growl hidden deep down in the Moog-circuits, that is unmached by most other synths.

There is no wonder, why an AK/A4 sounds different. Elektron says (sorry forgot where i found this) that the analog circuits had been designed from scratch and not beeing a copy of other well known designs. As far as I have understood the manyfold options of the AK, which by themselves are not matched by others, I believe this to be true.

The AK/A4 is capable of deep warm sounds too and the many options for envelope shapes allow for classical punchy attacks as well as for smooth swells. There is also much power under the hood. But AK/A4 are not supposed to sound like a Moog and they don’t.

This said, if you really need a Moog sound, use a Moog or check out one of the excellent software emulations. Diva by U-He comes very close (as some others) and in a mix it should be hard to tell the differences.


Don’t forget the Moog Werkstatt. A complete, standalone Moog voice for $200. Add the expander and CV awaits…

what about the rest of that system. seems key to the sound no? some kinda filter and ring mod. really like the sound too - very sawII or something.

This, indeed, is a nice sound, but you don’t need a Moog to recreate it.
Dreamy pads are actually one of A4’s specialties. A long, lush reverb, and a little close delay will get you 60% there. I spend a ton of time on FX because I think they’re integral to the A4 experience.

Here’s 20 minutes of A4 sounds from my forthcoming A4/AK Sound Pack (I didn’t demonstrate all 128 sounds) in which a good chunk are pads and the like. Maybe this can serve as a little inspiration. A4 4 LYFE :elan:


Flicked through the patch demo. Some really nice stuff in there. I don’t normally use presets but might grab these as starting points until I get time to get a better grip on the ak/a4 architecture. When will they be available/how much? Thanks.

glitched: NIce. How to be notified if and when this is available?

Sounds easy.


  • OSC 1 Saw -8
  • Set HP Res at max and tune it to OSC1 also track chromatically so it will add a major third sine to the mix and cut the freqs bellow.
  • OSC 2 Tri -24
  • Filter 1 cut at middle
  • Slows non restarting env for filter 1 and also slow non restarting env for amp with long release both of them.
  • Some chorus and a lot of reverb
  • Reverb must be long and must be filtered
  • May be some pwm mod on both.

An example to start from:



Thanks. The word from Elektron is “soon.” I actually just sent Cenk a cleaned-up version, to maintain compatibility with all of the new features since I created them (the LFO multipliers, mainly). Thanks for your interest!


Cool, I dig your sounds too @glitched !!


@Glitched, your A4 sounds are fukin dope.

Really great stuff. Impressive

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As you may have noticed, they’re starting to release more sound-packs, so this A4/AK one will be available soon (confirmed via email from Elektron). They’ve just been so busy with Heat!


Since i own my M32, the A4 sounds like crap to me.

Really think about to sell it.

Interesting. Do you compare the A4 sound to one (1) Mother32 unit sound? It’s a bit hard to imagine, the M32 has a very sexy appeal to me, but only 1 oscillator and no effects, but I have an open mind, could you please elaborate your comparison?
Thank You!

Awesome! Been waiting since Feb!