This time I didn't use any analog gear, only vst

Take a listen. Did another track with my wife :slight_smile:


Great track!!

And what do you think about analog gear vs vst ?

Honestly, I love using both. In terms of sound yes, analog has that warmth that can’t be easily replaced but vsts are so flexible and easy to use. If you spend time working with them there is no limit to what you can do :slight_smile: Biggest advantage of analog for me is the hands on approach and the tactile feel. Twisting knobs and all that stuff is fun and feels intuitive. So a good mix between both is the best thing for me :slight_smile:



Beautiful! Really love it! Will this be for sale anywhere?

Really glad you like it <3 Here’s the track for free :slight_smile:


Smooth Great track i like it……well done…. Thanks!

Thanks for the support! Glad you like it <3

Wow! TY! You should consider putting your stuff up on Bandcamp. I would have bought it right away. :smile:

I’ll start my own label together with my album soon :slight_smile:

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