Thru machine passing audio with DIR at zero

Hi Folks

my dir is set at zero
Mono input to A
Signal in just fine
Track + Stop prevents audio passing through
Track + play starts it again
Trigs do nothing unless i trig condition them off


Without a trig the audio passes through. I’ve looked and all the tutorials say the audio passes through when dir in the mixer is set to zero for that input ONLY when a trig is placed on the track

What am I not getting here, conceptually.


Not sure if this is the issue but, I assume there was a trig on the Thru track, and you later removed it? I think the trig ‘opens the gate’ for the thru track once you press play and the sequencer passes the trig. The ‘gate’ will then stay open until you close it. Double tapping Stop or reloading the project will shut the gate, I think. ( sorry if the gate metaphor is confusing, hopefully it makes sense).

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Yes that does make sense. I’m possibly doing the ingrained mistake of treating a trig as a MIDI note which it is not.

Still, there should not have, according to the multiple “there’s no thru machine sound “ posts actually have been any audio at all given that DIR is set to zero. It appears to be an inverse of the general issue users have.

I shall persist. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Hold and Release set to infinite so once a trig set to open it would not close