Thru machine question

Setting up thru machine is no problem and working. But is there any functionality for A, H & R in the amp page? I didn’t notice any. Volume works as expected.

Nope. So is Neighbor. You can use lfos on VOL.

That’s why I usually use a recorder + Flex instead, also adding Playback parameters. But it’s potentially clickier.


Ah yes, that LFO thing worked for what I wanted.
Thanks a lot!


Works over here… :thinking:
Allows you to gate the signal with trigs/envelopes…


Yes it does work as @Open_Mike says, just make sure you turn down external DIR gain in mixer, if you want the amp envelope to work.


That’s what I thought. But when I turn “Attack” nothing changed in that sound.
DIR is turned down. As I said, the Vol in the amp page works but envelope doesn’t. May be I need to try again.

Yes, my bad. THRU AMP works (with default settings), not NEIGHBOR’s. I should stop working. :sketchy:


Is your AMP envelope set to RTRG? I can’t remember what the default is, but if it’s on ANLG and you have INF values on HOLD and REL, the envelope may not return to zero in order to ramp up for the attack phase…

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no matter what setting i’m on the attack knob does absolutely nothing, can anyone explain why?

Is it a neighbour machine?
Check Plocks, check scenes, check lfos.
In trig mode, manually trigger a sample and tweak the attack parameter.

Be aware almost every case of ‘my Octatracl doesnt work’ is due to user error :wink:


Australians waking up, Frenchies going to bed! :wink:

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I’m certain its my fault, just want to figure out where im going wrong! It’s a flex track thats triggering a sample from the record buffer— the hold and release functions work, the attack does not. the attack works on other tracks, i’ve cleared the sequence already, anything else i am forgetting?

What are AMP SETUP settings?
Try RTRG or R+T.

i switched through all of those settings to no avail, i’m not with the OT at the moment but I will get back to work soon, thanks for the ideas, keep em’ comin’ if you think of anything!

also check yo scenes