tIB - Eidolonics EP

Crunchy techno-ish stuff, wet, dirty and raw. Don’t let the techno tag put you off, other than the kick it’s not really… or if you like techno then come on by! You can get it at the links below:


always enjoy it when you go this direction, andy – particularly enjoyed #3.

Thank you sir!

Ez mate

It ain’t a kick that makes techno and that there’s techno all day. Techno I say, don’t be ashamed… :slight_smile:

The 3rd tracks my favourite. Nice work mate.

Sound gerat as always tIB :slight_smile:

Techno it is then! Thanks for the listens :slight_smile:

Good stuff! - this is endorsed by the fact that track 4 repelled my x-factor loving 13 YO daughter who strayed into my workshop room whilst i was listening. This is a good sign indeed.


I was thinking about taking tIB to the xfactor next year, Louis would love it.

Good this mate, proper scary stuff. Track 4 is ace, wonky evil.

Cheers mate, glad it gave you the shivers!

just bought this :wink:

haven’t had the time to dig in heartily yet…but the brief skim through led me to believe this is right up my particular strasse ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sounds awesome Andy - can’t wait to give it a full test drive. :+1:

I hope you enjoy, thanks mate!

this is really really great Andy…

the drum sounds / production all the way through are just ace… it sounds beautiful… fabulous use of reverb / fx too.

sparse but lush - that’s quite a trick to pull… :wink: :+1:

‘three’ is simply one of my favourite tracks by anyone at the moment, full stop. pure techno win.

great work mate - will be giving this lot of repeat listens

Aw cheers mate, you be too kind! This was one of those bang it out quick jobs I like to do every now and again- I’d been cutting back on the reverb and wanted to go wet and dirty again, suits the source material.