Time signatures on OT... how?

I’ve messed around with the scale setup a bit, but haven’t been able to figure out how to set up a 7/4 time signature.

I’ve worked out that a 56 step sequence will give me the correct results for 4 bars… but the way it displays on the OT step sequencer is still playing as if it is simply cutting a 4/4 sequence short. It doesn’t start each bar at the beginning of each 16 step page.

Is this just the way the OT works for now, when it comes to odd time signatures? or am I doing it wrong?

For now I have my DAW controlling the clock and transport, and that is fine for now… but I’d like to work in odd time signatures when I’m not near a computer.

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Yep, a page only equals a bar at 4/4, speed 1x.

If I am working in another time sig a lot, I will use tape and pen so that I can keep track through the 4 pages. My MD had 24 steps per bar marked out on white tape below the trig keys for almost a year.

different time sigs with the Octatrack is something i struggle with. i’m wanting to change between 3/4 and 5/4 for one project. While on another project im working in 5/8.
and of course i want to integrate my Octatrack into these pieces.
i’m no master at time signatures, just a mere apprentice.

you need to set the master scale to infinite or the max number of steps you want, otherwise it will restart from the beginning of the pattern when it hits the master step number setting. note if you use inf, you also need to make sure your chain behavior isn’t set to change patterns at the end of the current pattern, as it will never change otherwise…

It puzzles me why they haven’t implemented a feature that lets you set the number of steps per bar/track page in their machines. Everything else is so well thought out, so why not this?

yeah that would be ace. difficult to keep track of downbeats for odd sigs currently.

Could you use something else to sequence parts/sounds from the OT?
I know that the MPCs have time signatures directly in their sequence set-up page.
I’m not asking this question as a solution to the original-poster, more for myself since I’m about to have another OT… and 4/4 stuff isn’t always my forte. :wink:


Another way might be would be to set the page length to something like 10/16 and then use pattern chaining instead of pages.

You can set the time signature on the metronome. It could help you experiment with it until you got it right.

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I keep forgetting about the metronome time sigs!

I read that each track can have individual time multiplier\divisor but is there a diffrent control for time signature for each track or is it the same control?

if its a seperate thing , what time signatrues are possible ?
couldn’t find an answer for this in the manual .

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I have read that each track can have an individual time multiplier \ divisor but is there a different control for the time signature of each track or is it the same control?

The control is in the variation!
which has as infinite possibility and to 0.
The workflow handles this automatically and regulates your sample to the desired timing. It is
the elasticity …

if it is a separate thing, what are the possible time indications?

it’s in the first question 0 to inf.
There is no timing board! :sweat_smile:
it’s artistic and random

You can set each track to a different pattern length, up to 64 steps. See the ‘SCALE TRACK’ setting in PER TRACK mode in the SCALE SETUP menu.

perheps I should make myself clear , I’m asking if the divisor\multiplier per track is the same as choosing a time signature?

from reading the manual it seems like those are two diffrent controls , are they ?

yes I know I can choose diffent track lengths but this is not what I’m asking.

There is no conventional time signature setting, but you can make each track of different length and duration using the SCALE TRACK and TEMPO MULTIPLIER settings.

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