Tinnitus solution

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This man seems so happy with his healing.
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I hear ringing and smell bullshit, couldn’t watch it long enough to get to the $punchline$ :wink:

Damn , i shouldnt ve read this thread, now its 10x louder as before again :frowning: .
I got mine due stress (poor bloodcirculation probably) though, not acoustic damage…

So … can anyone explain to me why this thread hasn’t been removed by a moderator yet?

I’m curious why PongFu hasn’t been banned yet. He/she/it has been spamming this forum for months!

Amazing! Perhaps I should invite Alan Watson to Noordwijk to eat a bucketload of choline with me.


Also: it’s MASKING music, not masking MUSIC.

I barely even said anything for months.
I posted this because it looks like a scam,
not to spam the gullible.


To be fair, his first post was knowingly mocking :wink: Can’t believe i even watched a bit of it, pity the fools more desperate than i was for all of a nanosecond

Recently seen a lot of posts about tinnitus.

Have suffered for over 20 years.

  • Best solution for me, was a warm climate, as the winter in Virginia made it worse, along with the pinched nerves in my broken neck.
  • Headphones/earbuds that don’t boost the mid-bass (~80Hz) or the frequencies above 2k. That rules out DT770, ATH-M50, HD280 Pro, etc. HiFiMan cans/buds are good for this. Open-backs are preferable.
  • A white noise generator, to be used at night while sleeping. They’re just bathroom fans with upgraded ball bearings. Amazon has many.
  • Keep the volume down.
  • Most importantly, think about something else. Easier said than done. Yup.

how does this help : A white noise generator ?
just to distract your attention ?

Exactly. I speak for myself but lying in bed at night in a quiet room except my ears are screaming… is not a recipe for sleep. I find playing some rain noises etc helps a lot. So does an air purifier on a medium setting etc.

It’s not like my tinnitus gets any better or worse for me lying there thinking about it.

i have tinnitus since 2 month :frowning:
no issues to sleep but super annoying…
trying different solutions with doctors… no luck yet :frowning:

Good luck! I hope it gets better!

yeh same for me, night times/early mornings when i wake up are the worst as theres nothing else to focus on. i swear the more i think about it the worse it gets. i find fan on (in the summer) partially distracts, as does radio on very low level.

also holding back on caffeine/sodium/spicy foods/alcohol (basically all the good stuff) can also be helpful, as does avoiding stress (easier said than done), getting enough sleep (ditto). It may be useful for some folk to check with your dentist if you have signs of teeth grinding too, as TMJ can be a contributor to tinnitus. Getting fitted with a mouth guard can help with that. Just my two cents tho, obvs