Hello community,

I would like to know if there is “better” technics to record my jams sessions?
For examples if I want to have control on some elements after (like processings……)

Would be nice/interesting to know if most of you record only the stereo out or elements per elements or sounds per sounds ….?

thx in advance!!!

I record a single stereo pair direct to a zoom hard disc recorder, then import into ableton to chop out and sections that i don’t like.

Great thx for sharing !!!

Basically that’s how I roll too. Recording one track at a time (“tracking”) and mixing in the box is just too tedious for me.

I usually track things individually as it’s inevitable that more editing or mixing will be needed (for my material anyway).

to do that i run each track into my soundcard through the main outs while routing all other tracks to the cue output - that way i can monitor the whole thing and make sure that any live tweaks happen at the right moments in relation to other tracks.

it would be loads easier to just record the stereo outs! but i figure, that realising what you envision takes time… there are no shortcuts to excellence! (still not there yet)

because Elektron not implemented to send the 8 Octatrack tracks through USB?
as it is possible in the TR8 possible and not the Octatrack…

I usually record everything through the main outs, except for one/two elements that I record separately through the cue out (typically the kick).

Would be nice with more separate outputs available, but I try to think of the OT as one instrument where you just need to work on making it sound good right out of the box. You wouldn’t record a guitar track one string at the time either. Ok maybe a bad comparison… :wink:

Nice I like this way too!!! (there are no shortcuts to excellence! (still not there yet) :wink:

But you also right TVEKAMP !!!


I tend to create a song in the OT, mixed the best I can, then compose the track in arrangement mode and at the end I track A4 and Shruthi-1 via Overbridge and a one track the OT separately, track by track…
Takes a while but it allows for additional tweaking on Ableton Live

Another idea would be using the 4 outputs of the octatrack to export your song in two passes.

first pass: T1-T4
second pass: T5-T8

Since you want further editing in your DAW, you can disable stereo effects and ignore panning.

Also good ones !!!

I put on the master track an EQ, and then i monitor the frequencys in the DAW with a spectrometer. So i can see if my spectrum levels is ok.

Then i mix in the OT the levels, untill its balanced. Essentially i record also a single take from the stereo pair directly into abelton.

I think it is good to have a inner clock, or a good feeling how many changes are needed , so its still interesting, but not too busy - that is the hard part for me at least.

The general rule is, 8 bars´small change, 16 bar´s bigger change. (new element, or more drastic sound change.) (Probably the arranger helps, and enforces a more strict progression.)

Many seem to switch by hand, and i thought about a midi foot switch to increment patterns, as some of the octatrack transition tricks are better performed manually.

I did now used the arranger, as it enforces that i jam faster, i tend to twiggle endlessly with the patterns i created.

Beware - i name some of my sounds: Quälgeist :slight_smile:
(Its A4, RYTM and OT only, with some performance locks, i messed up some transitions - but it was taken in a single capture.)
I used the new FM function for the background pad, i set up some fills on the RYTM, which i did not use actually, because i was to busy twiggeling the A4.)
Can the fills be triggerd via MIDI ?

Here is the outcome: