To add Hades/Erebus or not?

Hi there,
I am looking at adding a Dreadbox Hades or Erebus synth to my setup for bass duties.
The plan is to sequence it from the digitone using a midi channel - then have it’s mono output feedback into the digitone for additional effects.

Does anyone use this combo?
Would you recommend it?
Which synth would be better for bass - is the extra cost of the Erebus worth it?

Any concerns or feedback is very much welcome - this would be my first time trying to add a non-elektron synth into my setup and I think I am ready.

Thanks in advance and have a creative day.

I’d look long and hard at the Toraiz AS-1 first.


That NYX is pretty sick if you can find one.

Pretty accurate as I have been looking hard at this synth too!

Is it easy to change patterns easily on the AS1? I would be using it live so this is important.

Thanks for the input.

The same person in my area is also selling that one - which of the three would be best for bass do you think?

I don’t know, I’m not sure what you’re looking for. I like it because it sounds very dark and beefy, and especially with the onboard reverb (which is very cavern-like) allows it to become an atmosphere machine when sequenced.


I agree with person above me, it’s also capable of making bright chip tune stuff. The dreadbox erebus is neato

I own both, the NYX and the Erebus. For bass duties definitely the Erebus. For blade runner type atmospheric soundscapes the NYX is your partner in crime :slight_smile:

Re Hades vs Erebus, the Hades is limited to bass while the Erebus does bass as well as leads. In other words, the Hades is a limited/reduced version of the Erebus.

I love the Erebus, super creamy sound, the bass is powerful and deep, lead sounds are amazing also, + easy to design sounds on it. The filter is a 2-pole (-12db) LP filter that‘s notched, so it gets a little rowdy as you mess with the resonance. I find the bass sounds more aggressive than eg that Moog sound but much rounder than eg a DSI sound. If you want that Moog bass, obviously the Moog Minitaur does that in a similar price range (or a Moog Mother 32).

I own an Erebus v2, the newer v3 looks awesome also - with one more oscillator, one additional envelope etc…can‘t go wrong with either.

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Great answer - thank so much.
I’ll have to think a bit more on this - and maybe the Erebus is worth the increased funding…

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