Tokyo Dawn's informative video for Limiter 6 Gentleman's Edition

very cool … explains clipping (actually a form of harmonic distortion), the high pass limiter (has the same effect on the mix wherever it is placed), the 3 modes for the compressor, dealing with a few peaks that make it past one module, and so forth …

although i wouldn’t necessarily use it in a multitrack session, for a mastering session this could be ideal … not only but also, the demo version is fully featured with no preset saving allowed, so, with unlimited time to try, that is quite reasonable and fabulous …

anyway sharing the video as it really opens up the information and teases out the details of a Clipper Limiter Compressor module effect combo such as this …


Wow. Taken straight from vladg, right down to the name:

Tokyo Dawn does do great work, tho.


Vladg does work at Tokyo Dawn, so it’s not surprising :wink:


Ooooooohhhhhhhhh. Nice.

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one of the compressor modes directly references the flavoured sound of Vladg’s Molot compressor, with parallel dry signal rotary giving the option to only use say 15 percent of the flavour to make the transients more zingy or something

Wow didn’t know about this one
The original Limiter 6 is one of the best mastering plugs ever imo, and it’s FREE. Crazy
Will check this out closely

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Reviving the thread to see how people are liking Limiter 6. I use the free version and am still learning all the ins and outs but it sounds really good to my ears. Any other Nauts have any feedback, reviews, or tips in relation to this plugin? Is it worth spending money for the paid version?

I love it. I have no idea what I’m doing - twisting knobs, checking levels, comparing reference recordings - but it sounds super nice - not like other digitally sterile, glossy sounding plugins. The UI response is like butter.

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Yeah, I notice I can get a nice, maximized mix when using this on my Master Bus. You really have to push it to start hearing the nasty, digital artifacts. I’m considering purchasing the GE edition because I enjoy it so much. It is a little more complex than I’m used to because it contains multiple modules in one plugin. I’m just gonna keep working with it!

I def. twist knobs as well, use your ears not your eyes right?

I have to mess with the HF limiter and do more A/B tests to see how it affects the high frequencies in my mixes.

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I don’t think they offered a free version when I was at it. Which was fine considering I had already gotten so much use out of vlad No6 and all the other TDR plugins. Great company: great products wout the bullshit pricing schemes.

I think I put the clipper before the HF? I actually don’t use its compressor section - I find it kind of dull? I use other compressors to get it to -3db before the 6.

Again I have no idea what I’m doing :wink:

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It’s my go-to limiter. As others have said, it’s very transparent.
I like the layout too, having a compressor and clipper and limiter on the same page makes it easier to adjust each and keep track of the gain staging. I’m using it for ‘mastering’ rather than as an effect, so I usually bump the compressor output up a small amount and aim to just tickle the limiter sometimes.

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Finally purchased this! Loved the freeware version so much, I had to buy the gentleman’s edition. has it on sale at the moment for $20 , what a steal!

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you got your wish :smile:

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