Track 4 pan Right no output

I made a video of this. The sequencer is not running, the sound is cleared, other tracks work normal. Track 4 does not output to right channel.

I’m about to send my unit back to the store after a year, I should still have warranty but I’m just hesitant (although I did a full sysex dump as backup to my PC).

OS is 1.11

Any suggestions ?

just my dumb asking…have you tried this on a new fresh clean kit?

(I’ m asking because first thing comes in mind is to check Performance macro)

I need all the “dumb” suggestions/questions I can get!

I just tried with a blank pattern, blank kit. Same problem: No right output for track 4. Other tracks work fine. :S

I lastly would try an Empty Reset.

Also contact Elektron Support …of course!
if at the shop they can tell you something, bring it there, but maybe check first with a phone call…prior to carry the A4 just for an air-change

Test mode: 0 Errors
Empty reset: same problem
Factory reset: same problem

I contacted Elektron via customer support zone yesterday, but didn’t try your tips, before contacting them.

I suppose it’s looking grim for my unit. I’ve just contacted my local store, the unit is almost a year old so maybe i’ll just receive a new one. Still, if someone could shine a light on this issue I’m all ears.

At this point looks like a synth specific issue. Might be hardware (TestMode should report something, no?) or software?

Please, report here back if any news!

I contacted Elektron more than a week ago (17-7) but heard nothing still.
Contacted my local store, they recommended to sent it in for repairs, which i did today.


I have kinda the same issue on track 3! when i hit the stop button track 3`s sound is still playing in some kind of reverb-delay-release “loop”. but only on the left output. tried it with different headphones, different monitors at a different power supply in my room…still the same issue. i even cant mute this sound with // function + mute //

then i made the os update- didnt work.
after that i did the factory reset - didnt work.

invited a friend (because i am a total hardware-synth-noob! :slight_smile: ) who should check for himself if he`s able to fix it. - didnt work…

the machine was only used at home `till yet. never fell, never stood in the sun. at one single trip to the studio it worked well, but we had some midi-signal-random-sound problems while integrated in ableton.

i wrote an email with all this info to elektron-support but didnt get a answer yet.
anybody of you guys knows what to do?



Hi Dave,

  1. If the unit is still making sound after pressing stop, you should try double tapping the stop button, that should kill of any sound/FX tails immediately. You probably tried that already I guess.

  2. You could try running Test Mode and see if any errors turn up.
    Check the manual on how exactly (you need to hold some button while powering up if I’m not mistaken).

  3. You could also try Empty Reset but I dont think this would help if you already tried Factory Reset. You need to do some kind of backing up of your work if you try this as well but check the manual if you want to try that.

We had some midi-signal-random-sound problems while integrated in ableton.

In my experience it’s always some kind of nuisance/instability that pops up and I pretty much gave up entirely using computers for music. Can’t help you there and it deserves it’s own thread.

For what its worth; with my unit track 4 wouldn’t output sound on right channel unless its being routed to the reverb or delay (didn’t check chorus) , then it will output the wet FX sound on Right Channel.

Hi Burn cycle!

Thx for the answer!
double tapping the stop button was one of the first things i tried so: check!
i am going to check out the empty reset, but i do agree it shouldnt be different than the factory reset.
last thing i am going to try rightaway when i arrive home today is the test mode and check for errors.

about the midi-issue: as i played sounds on a audio track in ableton, other synths were played too without problems! i guess it has to be a A4 problem too, because arturia microbrute, microkorg and access virus ti have been working well in the same setup (Balanced jacks to RME fireface 400, USB to a windows pc which is running ableton live 9)!

but i`ll really leave this subject for antoher thread! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say I got my unit back, (the whole process took almost 2 months).
The problem seems to be fixed.

shit 2 months!

Better you had a good toy to replace its fun

Yeah 2 months is quite long, I forgot all about the sound of my A4 but missed the user interface for getting songs done. GAS obviously set in and I had to get a Kawai K4 and an Electribe Ea-1.

BTW I don’t know for sure what they did (empty support reply) but Ekektron seems to have replaced my front plate as well. I guess they recognized I’ve got one with a bad paint job.
Good job Elektron.

I focused much on the Kawai k4, the Electribe is quite new in the house here, I love the sound and the keys of the K4. Got it pretty cheap. Made some nice patches too, but (my experiences with) this gear deserves it’s own thread. I’'ll probably have a song with it up on youtube this month.