Track Tempo Nudge Aint Working

Hi i have the latest OS, i am using One-shot trigs to trigger 2 long static samples. These are full tracks i am mixing within the Octatrack. they have been warped to 168 bpm within ableton very tightly and they sync up perfect.

So when both tracks are mixed and there is a certain small drift or they are not in the same groove I’d like to nudge one of the 2 samples either up or down to get them tight in the mix again.

So the forum and the manual tell me there is a nudge for that. Pressing a track button + left or right arrow should do the trick.

But how much i try it aint nudging the sample. I press and hold, i press rapidly, i can hold it for minutes nothing changes. However if i use the pitch parameter setting and twist it to + 0.2 for half a second i can hear difference immediately, so yes i could assign that to the fader to solve this problem but i’d like to use the fader for other stuff and am wondering: Why does my track tempo nudge doesn’t work? I must obviously have some wrong setting or am miscomprehending this option?!?!

Thanks in advance, Bart.

I’m pretty sure it affects the timestretch. Don’t know why it’s not working though, I’ve used it myself with success. Dumb question but are you pressing the track buttons by the display? Because that’s where you should be.

hey man nudge only affects the sequencer triggers. So if you use long samples or whole songs, once they are triggered no nudging after that will have an effect.

pitch is what you will need to use in your situation.

The manual says it affects the tempo of the sample, p. 46. I don’t know what good it would be otherwise.

you are right!! i didn’t even know this could be done… shieeet… i need to rtfm once again… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i only knew about trigger nudging which i use all the time

Could it be that it doesnt work because i have timestretch deactivated for those samples?

Yes. It won’t work if timestretch is off.