Track:Voice Bug?

Simple test (typical of issue, not the real musical context)
Clear Kit
Step Mode
CH trigs on 1 5 9
OH trig on 13
1 bar loop, keep it slow
All sounds fine
Select OH, Realtime Mode, record filter res encoder action for the whole bar
now you have parameter locks (NOT TRIGS) affecting the sound of CH track !
I can see the voice connection, but surely the CH trigs should overrule the plocks in this instance and use the sound of the CH track ?
Agree ?
BUG ??


Thoughts: constraint or oversight ?

There’s a related ‘bug’ where parameter locking a long sustaining trig will force the pitch to zero when parameter locking something other than pitch , the original note was not at 0 btw, so the pitch is effectively parameter locked.even though pitch is not plocked

That one was discussed recently, strikes me as being related in that plocked trigless trigs are taking more effect than they ought to

Any views on the test above before i put it to Elektron ?

i think its concise and straightforward. i’d send it away

Sorry, i meant test results, not so much the test, i’m on 1.02F, but i doubt this is a new thing, surely this has been mentioned in the last year !? I don’t much like the constraint if it is one, it’s not an esoteric example, it doesn’t need to be res btw !