Tracking in Logic


I just started using the Digitakt in Logic. I can’t seem to get it to time right with Logic’s synths. I’m just creating two audio tracks and pressing play on the digitakt and record in Logic at the same time. Am I way off on this? Could someone perhaps explain the steps of tracking their Digitakt in Logic? Thanks a lot.

Am I way off on this?

you are a bit! Try some of this =

Plug the Digitakt in with the USB cable (!)
I can’t remember the specifics, but you might need to load Transfer and get it connected:
In Logic, go to Preferences -> MIDI -> Sync -> MIDI Sync Project Settings (bottom right)
Switch on Destination 1 and select the Digitakt.

Now when you press play on Logic it should play the DT and they’ll be (pretty much) in sync :slight_smile:

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didn’t even know i needed to know this until right now omg this thread rules